By Hand Collective began as platform to bring local artisans together in one place to share their work.
A little bit about 'The Makers' behind the Hands...



Hi I'm Angie...

What is your Inspiration?        

Nature, nature and nature. I live in Anglesea.  It is a beautiful coastal town at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. The bush meets the sea here and inspiration is everywhere. I am aways in awe, always discovering.

What makes you make?         

Making and creating is my natural state, my calm, my way to meditate. Clay has made me more patient. In the past my artistic expression mostly took form in 2D, it could be quite instant and fast, which I liked. Now I have two young children, and life has a pace about it that has really made me enjoy this very considered, this very intentional art form. It is so slow, that it is a wonderful lesson in patience. It is also a great teacher of 'letting go'....each piece is fragile and vulnerable to every step in the process, it is full of surprises.

So thank you for visiting to see some of these 'surprises'.