Large Malachite, Smoky Quartz Crystal & Wood Necklace
Large Malachite, Smoky Quartz Crystal & Wood Necklace

Large Malachite, Smoky Quartz Crystal & Wood Necklace

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A unique natural necklace handmade from Malachite framed by magical Silvery Honey Suckle wood. The texture and colour of the Malachite & wood are amazing, this is a delightful piece.

Wood size: 89mm x 57mm (3.5” x 2.24”)

Malachite "Stone of transformation" assisting one in changing situations. Enhances patience, endurance and inner piece.

Smoky Quartz is a gentle stone, being grounding and protective.
It helps bring calm to emotional situations and supports to dissolve negative energies. A stone which allows you to peel away layer by layer whatever emotional or spiritual blockages are keeping you from finding your path.

The making of this Necklace...

The Malachite is cut, polished, drilled by my beautiful man Norm. It was part of the mineral collection of his Dad. See the original rough rock in the last picture.
I worked the wood frame and set with waxed thread in adjustable length.
The water worn Smoky Quartz is from Gippsland in Victoria. 

I added a water worn Smoky Quartz crystal on top.

I set the necklace with hand braided thread in adjustable length. Wear is from very short to long and anything between depending on what you are wearing on the day ... simply play.

The wood frame is created by my own hands from scratch. Found in Queensland on our last winter walkabout. I am in awe how this creation turned out - simply delicious. This is only my third wood frame in this beautiful wood - Grevillea Striata / Silvery Honey Suckle is the tree who gifted me the wood.