Large Boulder Opal Chrysoprase Necklace
Large Boulder Opal Chrysoprase Necklace
Large Boulder Opal Chrysoprase Necklace
Large Boulder Opal Chrysoprase Necklace

Large Boulder Opal Chrysoprase Necklace

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Large Boulder Opal meets Chrysoprase - unique, stunning, timeless jewelry. This gem stone is Boulder Opal conglomerate which shows vibrant turquoise and green islands of Opal fire. These colours in the brown base rock work so deliciously well.
Even the back of the stone holds much beauty in its earthy way ... the natural end of the original rock shaped and polished in a flowing way. A feast for all senses.
A truly amazing piece of Australia made wearable. Wear it with great pride!

Boulder Opal clears the “muddy” areas from ones aura, this initiates healing. It enhances mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progression towards the perfect state.

Chrysoprase provides for non-judgmental attitudes, acceptance of others and self. Energizes, opens and activates the heart chakra.

Size Boulder Opal: 74mm x 49mm (2.91” x 1.93”)
Length both stones: 94mm (3.7")

The necklace is set on braided waxed thread which is adjustable in length.

The making of this Necklace... 

This Boulder Opal was found by Norm in Blackgate, SW Queensland and he cut it with great care and love.
The Chrysoprase comes from Western Australia. The setting work is done by me. A co-creation of love.

The beginning of a new era for NaturesArtMelbourne.
The time has come to simply create with all we have .... big, bold & precious ... the sky is the limit and the sky has no limits. Norm and I have the most precious tools with our four hands and Norm has Opal which was hidden for 20+ years and is finally allowed to reach its destiny to heal and adorn but also simply delight. Simply dive in, truly see, listen to it and enjoy what Mother Natures gifted to all of us in this amazing piece.
A beautiful creation to heal and adorn ... how Mother Earth intended it.

Thank you precious planet for all your unconditional love and support.
Thank you creation for the endless joy and wonderment I am gifted with in my work.