Rhyolite/Thunder Egg Necklace

Rhyolite/Thunder Egg Necklace

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This tribal, earthy gem stone necklace is a timeless & unique piece of jewellery - there is no way to repeat such a piece. A Thunder Egg / Rhyolite showing a magical face and so much natural beauty.
I set the necklace with hand braided waxed thread in fully adjustable length.

Rhyolite/Thunder Eggs assist one in listening with intention and in acting with intensity.

The ancient people believed that thunder eggs were a result of the wrath and anger of gods, throwing them upon the earth in a fit of rage over the injustice which was occurring in the society below.
Natural pieces of Mother Earth are joining forces to heal and adorn.

Size Rhyolite only: 46m x 47mm x 8mm (1.81” x 1.85” x 0.31")

The making of this Necklace... 

This Thunder egg was not found by myself in this case even though it is from Australia.
Mother Earth had fun dreaming these stones into creation and so did we building the bridge to make them wearable. The exterior of this stone is a rough, very boring looking rock you would not even take any notice off. A beautiful reminder of inner beauty.