Large Petrified Wood, Quartz crystal necklace

Large Petrified Wood, Quartz crystal necklace

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Statement jewelry handmade from a large Petrified Wood and a magical Quartz crystal. A breathtaking reversible gem stone necklace handmade from ethically sourced gifts of the Earth.
The Petrified Wood and the crystal are both stunning in colour and texture. What an incredible Art Piece created by Mother Earth herself. The crystal holds much beauty - look closely and fall in love.
A necklace for everyday life, ceremony, healing work or ritual .... you will know what this necklace wants to be with you.

Petrified Wood “Stone of transformation”, stone for grounding, provides for strength in all areas of one’s life. Gives support through a crisis period of a disease.

Petrified wood size: 25mm x 80mm (0.98”x 3.15”)
Length both crystals: 52mm (2.04”)

The making of this Necklace... 

I set the stones & wood with strong waxed thread which I hand braided. The length is adjustable and allows from very short to long and anything in between.

The piece of Petrified Wood is a find from Queensland. The Crystal comes from Gippsland.

Every part if worked by my own hands or the hands of my beautiful man Norm ... labour of love.